11th January 2019

Identity Crisis

In this excellent Battle of Ideas session filmed and edited by WORLDbytes volunteers, Professor Frank Furedi gives us the historical low down on society’s concern with identity. Today’s identity politics, he explains, have absolutely no redeeming features.

9th November 2019

Hungary: the bad boy of Europe?

Over the course of the past nine years, Hungary, a nation of 10 million people has become the pet hate of the EU. The country’s leader, Viktor Orban, is reviled as an authoritarian. In this engaging and enlightening conversation Joan Hoey, Director, Europe, The Economist Intelligence Unit and Hungarian born sociologist, commentator and author Professor Frank Furedi discuss what has been driving the conflict between Hungary and the EU and what this tells us about today’s culture wars in Europe.

19th November 2019

Academic Freedom Under Threat: What’s to be Done? Session 5.1

2019 McDonald Centre for Theology, Ethics, and Public Life Annual Conference, University of Oxford

7th March 2019

Frank Furedi talks about his work

An introduction to Frank Furedi’s professional background as well as an oversight into his publication, Populism and the European Culture Wars: The Conflict of Values between Hungary and the EU.

22nd June 2017

College students 'think freedom is not a big deal'

Frank talks to Reason‘s Nick Gillespie about his book, What’s Happened to the University? and the decline of free speech on campus.

TEDx Limassol, 17th December 2015

Dare to know

Immanuel Kant’s ‘Dare To Know’ represented a foundational challenge to the Enlightenment. Yet, even today humanity finds it difficult to embrace new knowledge. This talk calls for the affirmation of the spirit of experimentation in every dimension of life.

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