Frank Furedi

Sociologist, commentator and author of Culture of Fear, Where Have All The Intellectuals Gone?, Paranoid Parenting, Therapy Culture, and On Tolerance: In Defence of Moral Independence.

politics and the economy

Why the opinion polls got it so wrong
spiked, 11 May 2015
In an era of ‘You can’t say that’, people aren’t always honest with pollsters.

We need to inject some humanism into British politics
spiked, 8 May 2015
The UK general election campaign has exposed the paucity of liberal thinking.

The SNP: playing the anti-politics card to gain power
spiked, 30 April 2015
Nicola Sturgeon is bashing 'Westminster insiders' in the hope of becoming one.

Six ways that the Miners’ Strike changed British politics forever
spiked, 3 March 2015
Thirty years on, how that uprising altered everything.

The year the culture wars went global
spiked, 23 December 2014
Turning geopolitics into a battlefield over values is a really bad idea.

25 years after the Berlin Wall fell, a Culture Wall has replaced it
spiked, 10 November 2014
Why the fall of the wall did not herald a new golden age of politics.

The Scottish referendum: don’t believe the hype
spiked, 22 September 2014
Challenging the myth that the referendum renewed UK democracy.

Europa en het populisme: Gehaktballen zijn politiek
De Groene Amsterdammer, 17 September 2014
Jean-Claude Juncker presenteerde vorige week een nieuwe, minder technocratische Europese Commissie. Dat is een goed idee, want miljoenen Europeanen reageren op de antidemocratische en technocratische regeringsstijl van de Europese oligarchie door het populisme te omarmen.

Where are the defenders of the union?
spiked, 8 September 2014
Scottish referendum: our leaders have gone AWOL from the battle of ideas.

Britain’s Shrinking Executive
The American Interest, 15 July 2014
Britain is leaping head first into the juridicalization of its politics. It will regret it.

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