Frank Furedi

Sociologist, commentator and author of Culture of Fear, Where Have All The Intellectuals Gone?, Paranoid Parenting, Therapy Culture, and On Tolerance: In Defence of Moral Independence.

risk and fear

ISIS’s very modern war on the past
spiked, 9 March 2015
It is not just the museum-destroying Islamic State that yearns for a Year Zero.

The myth of a slavery epidemic
spiked, 16 December 2014
Officialdom’s war on ‘modern slavery’ is built on pure fear and fantasy.

‘Wij creëren onze eigen monsters’
Knack, 27 August 2014
Interview with Frank Furedi. Western countries make it easy for the terrorists of Islamic State by being terrified. We overreact to life's difficulties. Where once they were seen as character-building, they are now seen as a signal to bring in the therapists. [pdf]

This gruesome video contains a message to Britain, too
spiked, 20 August 2014
What that barbaric beheading tells us about a crisis of Britishness.

Why James Foley’s murder was a message to Britain
CNN, 20 August 2014
Western governments have been forced to confront an unexpected and deeply disturbing reality -- that it is sometimes the people already living in these societies who constitute the greatest security threat.

Jihadister indtager de sociale medier, 16 August 2014
Den militante gruppe IS er ikke bare jihadister og terrorister. Via de sociale medier har gruppen skabt sig et frygtindgydende brand, som også fascinerer unge danskere – nogle med tilknytning til salafistiske grupperinger herhjemme, andre der ikke er særligt religiøse. Og det er ikke så underligt, siger forskere, for Vesten har selv fremelsket det dystopiske syn på samtiden som korrupt og dekadent, som ekstremismen er en reaktion på.

‘Jihad cool’: An Islamist version of Occupy
spiked, 1 July 2014
The Brits who become jihadists have some very familiar-sounding prejudices.

The question we really need to answer about young jihadists
The National Conversation, 26 June 2014
Why do radical Islamic ideals appeal to young people who are often the beneficiaries of a relatively comfortable and secure lifestyle?

Should you ask someone’s permission to kiss them?
BBC News Magazine, 16 June 2014
Over recent months, there's been a string of headlines about "inappropriate" sexual behaviour and when it tips over into being unlawful. Where are the lines of consent, asks Jo Fidgen.

The war on paedos: grooming the public’s fears
spiked, 28 April 2014
The main casualty of Cameron's war on terror rip-off will be common sense.

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