Frank Furedi

Sociologist, commentator and author of Culture of Fear, Where Have All The Intellectuals Gone?, Paranoid Parenting, Therapy Culture, and On Tolerance: In Defence of Moral Independence.

therapy culture

Stop medicalising pupils’ normal tensions and anxieties as mental health conditions
TES, 9 February 2016
If we want to make children more resilient, we must avoid interpreting all their behaviour in terms of psychological issues.

Teaching consent, policing intimacy
spiked, 27 October 2015
Consent classes turn relationships into business transactions.

Hey, grown-ups: put down the colouring pens!
spiked, 31 August 2015
Adult colouring-books speak to the infantilisation of the West.

You can’t inherit Holocaust trauma
spiked, 24 August 2015
Survivors’ children need to free themselves from their parents’ past.

Islamic State propaganda buys into Western culture of victimhood
The Australian, 25 July 2015

Turning slavery into the West’s original sin
spiked, 20 July 2015
Today's obsession with slavery has more to do with misanthropy than history.

Marital bickering is none of the state’s business
spiked, 3 September 2014
Politicians should butt out of the emotional lives of husbands and wives.

Nudge: a war on moral judgement
spiked review of books, 20 June 2014
Cass Sunstein’s latest combines banal insight with pernicious intent.

Mindfulness is a fad, not a revolution
TES, 18 April 2014
We’re told it can cure the lame and heal the sick, but a remedy for stressed-out executives has no place in our classrooms

Why Channel 4’s ‘Sex Box’ Is Worse Than Seedy Porn
Huffington Post UK, 27 September 2013
Channel 4's Campaign for Real Sex is as real as the coupling that takes place in front of the pornographer's camera.

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