Frank Furedi

Sociologist, commentator and author of Culture of Fear, Where Have All The Intellectuals Gone?, Paranoid Parenting, Therapy Culture, and On Tolerance: In Defence of Moral Independence.

First World War

The first culture war
spiked, 8 November 2018
How the First World War sowed the seeds of identity politics.

Tragic that love of country is now off the syllabus
Express, 6 November 2018

Why the Armenian genocide still haunts the world
spiked, 14 April 2015
Many of the tensions of the Great War remain scarily unresolved.

Review: First World War: Still No End in Sight
Thinking Faith, 20 August 2014
By Damian Howard SJ.

The Great War: The first global jihad?
spiked, 25 July 2014
100 years on: How many saw the war as a means to spiritual salvation.

MH17: Our generation’s Franz Ferdinand moment?
spiked, 23 July 2014
Yes, there are similarities between July 2014 and July 1914 – but differences, too.

ISIS caliphate shows there’s still no end in sight to World War I
CNN, 2 July 2014
The conflicts unleashed in 1914 were not confined to the military sphere. They were also a battle of ideas and a clash of cultures.

Franz Ferdinand: the killing that changed everything?
spiked, 27 June 2014
It's too simplistic to say Ferdinand's assassination caused the Great War.

Sociologist wades into Occupy movement and other issues
South China Morning Post, 1 June 2014
Sociologist Frank Furedi wades into issues from democracy to modern child-rearing with Mischa Moselle.

How the Great War laid waste to liberal education
spiked, 7 April 2014
The First World War unravelled adult authority over the next generation.

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