Frank Furedi

Sociologist, commentator and author of Culture of Fear, Where Have All The Intellectuals Gone?, Paranoid Parenting, Therapy Culture, and On Tolerance: In Defence of Moral Independence.

academic freedom and free speech

The end of argument
Prospect, 21 January 2016
Students are demanding to be protected from ideas they find offensive or just uncomfortable. Academics should stop indulging this idea; students should grow up.

Academic says students pulling down Rhodes statue is no better than ISIS wrecking temples
The Sun , 23 December 2015

Microaggression theory: an assault on everyday life
spiked, 23 November 2015
This crusade against unwitting racism is deeply divisive.

The death of free speech
Daily Mail, 31 October 2015
As Germaine Greer is branded 'transphobic' by student feminists, a top academic attacks the self-righteous zealots censoring history and literature and crushing debate in our universities.

What’s behind the fashion for banning?
spiked, 30 March 2015
Barely a day passes without someone demanding a ban on something.

Shots to the heart of freedom of speech
The Australian, 23 February 2015
The attacks in Paris and Copenhagen underline the need to challenge the 'I am offended' lobby.

Six lessons from the Charlie Hebdo massacre
spiked, 8 February 2015
One month on, the post-massacre love for free speech is withering.

Paris and beyond: Europe is at war with itself
spiked, 8 January 2015
What lies behind the so-called Islamisation of Europe.

The three faces of censorship
spiked, 27 November 2014
From the academy to politics, intolerance is back in fashion.

Academic freedom is a big deal
spiked, 23 September 2014
The pursuit of truth is more important than lecturers’ or students’ feelings.

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