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£2.25 Million Accident Compensation Paid To Children Injured At School

A recent survey of Britain’s local authorities has revealed that almost £2.25 million pounds was paid to pupils injured in classroom or playground accidents last year alone. With the highest amount being paid by Poole County Council, who awarded a young boy £33,500 after he was injured performing the high jump.

Other successful claims included £29,000 paid by Surrey County Council to a pupil burned after sitting on a radiator, a child who slipped on ice was awarded £23,000 by Essex County Council, a foam javelin which hit a pupil in the eye cost Wakefield Council £3,275 and a boy who fell from an exercise bike in Lincolnshire received £4,500.

Minor accidents in Middlesbrough schools led to the council having to pay £11,000 compensation to pupils, with similar claims leading to a compensation bill of £3,700 for Gloucestershire County Council.

The survey of local councils revealed under the Freedom of Information act, showed that at least 400 school children made successful claims for personal injuries received whilst in the care of their school.

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