• Frank Furedi
  • Frank Furedi
  • Sociologist, commentator and author

Competitive self-harm

Why teens are trying to outdo each other in the self-cutting stakes.

Our age of anxiety

In his review of How Fear Works, Gavin Jacobson considers why doom-mongering is back in fashion.

The crusade against masculinity

Courage, stoicism and autonomy are things we should all strive for.

From misbehaving boys to violent men: the poisoning of male identity

Fear and the renunciation of politics

Fear today

Fearing fear itself

Once parents felt children needed a little fear to grow up well. Today they are desperately protective. What went wrong?

Academics need courage, not anonymity

You can’t fight for academic freedom from behind a pseudonym.

The first culture war

How the First World War sowed the seeds of identity politics.

Tragic that love of country is now off the syllabus

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