• Frank Furedi
  • Frank Furedi
  • Sociologist, commentator and author
Theme: politics and the economy

Britain’s Shrinking Executive

Britain is leaping head first into the juridicalization of its politics. It will regret it.

The rise and rise of the boomerang generation

Record number of young people still live with their parents as they struggle to buy a home. By Jack Doyle, political correspondent.

Stop pathologising people who vote for Eurosceptic parties

They aren’t just ‘protest voters’ or a mob – they’re searching for solidarity.

RIP Gabriel Kolko, a true free thinker

Why Kolko's work stirred the minds of my Sixties generation.

Ukraine: the Culture Wars turn bloody

The instability in Ukraine is a product of a West-v-East battle over values.

Why the propaganda war on UKIP has failed

Farage’s popularity exposes the aloofness of the political class.

The infantile diplomacy behind demonising Russia

The self-righteousness of the West’s new Russia-bashers is astonishing.

Who’s to blame for the unravelling of Ukraine?

Thoughtless Western interference is pushing Ukraine to the brink.

Don’t give Jobbik the victim status it craves

Excluding it from Britain would only play into its conspiratorial narrative.

Modern slavery: an invented crime

The myth of modern slavery is built on dodgy stats and political opportunism.

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