• Frank Furedi
  • Frank Furedi
  • Sociologist, commentator and author
Theme: therapy culture

Specialist pleading

One of the most influential contemporary cultural myths is that our era is characterised by the end of deference.

Medical labels are slapped on to rambunctious kids

Why am I not surprised to discover the number of Australian schoolchildren diagnosed with psychological or emotional disorders is increasing at a dramatic rate?

After Jade, whose death will we watch next?

The salacious reports of Jade Goody’s physical demise confirm that death is the new sex: a form of voyeuristic entertainment.

Keeping mum: Julie Myerson on her contoversial new book

By Dani Garavelli.

A quack’s way to build the recovery

The government plan to offer recession therapy just makes victims of us.

Our fascination with Jade’s grim reality

Is it the public nature of her dying or is there something about Jade Goody that means we cannot look away? By Margarette Driscoll and Kevin Dowling.

Phobias: in Greek

There is something rotten in the trend to label political or cultural views as 'phobias' that must be treated. Essay republished in Issue 5 of the Greek bi-monthly magazine monkie.

Pursuit of happiness is personal

Wellbeing crusaders have turned a private emotion into a public policy issue.

Fake Holocaust memoirs: history as therapy

In an era when suffering is celebrated and we all must ‘Believe the Victim’, is it any wonder people make up wild stories about wolves and Nazis?

Think positive

Richard Schoch on whether children should be taught how to be happy.

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