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  • Frank Furedi
  • Sociologist, commentator and author
Theme: On Tolerance

Rob White: Planet Intolerance

Book Review: 'On Tolerance', by Frank Furedi.

Open Lecture - Professor Frank Furedi on tolerance

Author, broadcaster and sociology professor, Frank Furedi will give an Open Lecture at the University of Kent on Wednesday 2 November at 6pm.

Über Toleranz: „Es wird Zeit, den Liberalismus zurückzuerobern“

Brendan O’Neill im Gespräch mit Frank Furedi.

Minding our language breeds cynicism and cultural dishonesty

One of the most disturbing developments in the cultural life of the West is the casual acceptance of the policing of language.

FiveBooks Interviews: Claire Fox on freedom of speech

Modern society has interpreted John Stuart Mill's concept of tolerance to mean that we should avoid giving offence. The director of the Institute of Ideas tells us about books that show how far we've departed from what was meant

Can we tolerate intolerance?

Time and again interviewers ask me ‘can we tolerate intolerance’? Such questions continually signal the idea that tolerance is a freedom that can only be endowed to those who deserve it.

Review by Mary Warnock

Freedom withers if a culture of 'therapeutic censorship' flourishes.

‘It is time that we reclaimed liberalism’

Frank Furedi talks to Brendan O’Neill about his new book On Tolerance and why he wants to halt and reverse the warping of the liberal outlook.

Review by Julian Baggini

Veteran intellectual pugilist Frank Furedi makes an attack on tolerance without engagement.

Review by Edward King

The sociologist argues that in our modern multicultural world we have lost sight of what it means to be truly tolerant.

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