• Frank Furedi
  • Frank Furedi
  • Sociologist, commentator and author
Theme: On Tolerance

The British state’s silent war on religion

The authorities’ attack on religious schools is an affront to a tolerant society.

No, Cameron, you can never have ‘too much’ tolerance

The PM, like so many others, doesn't get how important tolerance is.

‘Tolerance is the basis of all our freedoms’

In a free society, everyone, even those we consider repugnant, must have the liberty to express themselves and their ideas.

Hate campaigns against freedom of speech go all the way back to Socrates

The subordination of the freedom of expression to the objective of protecting people from frank speech speaks to an ethos that has a uniquely low opinion of the capacity of people to think for themselves.

The bigotry of the anti-circumcision zealots

ESSAY: Today’s campaigning against circumcision is so dogmatic and intolerant it makes the old religions look enlightened in comparison.

Government’s moral crusade turns body image into a political crisis

Now and again it is important to remind ourselves it is not the business of government to protect people from themselves.

The moralistic, Malthusian war against fat people

Activists, professors, theologians – everyone is now promoting the depraved idea that human gluttony is plunging the planet into catastrophe.

Let’s do away with demonology on both sides of the gay marriage question

Concepts such as bigoted homophobia or the rhetoric of spiritual corruption serve highly moralised narratives aimed at shutting down discussion rather than encouraging it.

Over tolerantie

The Dutch translation of a lecture given by Frank Furedi in Leuven, March 2012.

The elites are making a virtue of intolerance

ESSAY: France’s criminalisation of Armenian genocide denial is only the latest outburst of twenty-first-century state intolerance.

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