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Theme: Wasted: Why Education Isn't Educating

Injured pupils sue councils for millions

Councils paid out some £2.25m in compensation last year to pupils who suffered injuries at school. By Robin Mannering.

£2m bill as ten kids a week sue our schools

Pupils hurt in school accidents were handed £2.25million in compensation last year. By Clodagh Hartley.

Damages to hurt pupils is ‘immoral’

Cash payments to 10 children a week for injuries at school were slammed as "immoral" yesterday.

‘Ten pupils a week winning injury payouts from school accidents’

Ten children are winning thousands of pounds in payouts from the public purse every week over accidents at school, new figures show.

Ideas of the century: Scepticism

Frank Furedi on an old idea that’s more important than ever.

Parenting isn’t a bunch of skills that can be taught

Frank Field’s proposal to have a GCSE in parenting would denigrate both what it means to be a parent and the purpose of education.

The crisis in education

In this interview, Frank Furedi discusses five of the best books.

Predators in the classroom

Our suspicious society has left teachers open to career-threatening false allegations of abuse.

Education: you can’t buy and sell intellectual capital

In this essay, Frank Furedi explains why the mighty mess Labour made of education won’t be fixed by privatisation or parental pressure.

A depletionist view of history and humanity

David Willetts is one of today’s very few intellectual parliamentarians, which makes the fact that he has now written a neo-Malthusian, generation-bashing book all the more depressing.

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