• Frank Furedi
  • Frank Furedi
  • Sociologist, commentator and author
Theme: interviews

A radical life

Frank Furedi talks to Tom Slater about Stalinist Hungary, Sixties radicalism, revolutionary communism and Brexit.

Sociologist wades into Occupy movement and other issues

Sociologist Frank Furedi wades into issues from democracy to modern child-rearing with Mischa Moselle.

Alternative lectures: What is Humanism? (Part 1)

Professor Frank Furedi answers the question ‘What is Humanism?’ in this short lecture filmed in the WORLDbytes studio.

„Keiner wagt mehr etwas“

Angstforscher Frank Furedi über tatsächliche Gefahr, empfundene Bedrohungen und darüber, warum wir ohne Bereitschaft zum Risiko nicht von der Stelle kommen.

Tolerance hører nøje sammen med fordømmelse

Interview. »Man kan ikke være demokrat mandag og tirsdag og så kassere det onsdag og torsdag.« Mød den britiske sociolog Frank Furedi til en samtale om, hvorfor vi totalt har misforstået, hvad tolerance handler om. Klaus Wivel.

Five things I have learned

In BBC News Online's occasional series on key figures in education and family, sociologist and author Frank Furedi reveals the most important things he has learned in his life.

‘Children are being used to socialise their parents’

Frank Furedi discusses fear, authority, the new demonology and changing attitudes to children with Michael Duffy and Paul Comrie-Thomson on Australian radio's Counterpoint programme.

‘The war on terror is a symmetry of confusion’

Frank Furedi, author of Invitation to Terror: The Expanding Empire of the Unknown, talks to Brendan O’Neill about al-Qaeda, radicalisation, and what today’s political crisis has in common with the fall of Rome.

Humanist with a stir in many camps

Deborah Hope interviews a campaigner against falling education standards and inhibited parenting who is about to visit this country

Politics Of Fear

Frank Furedi talks to Jennie Bristow about his new book

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