• Frank Furedi
  • Frank Furedi
  • Sociologist, commentator and author
Theme: parenting

Let children be children

We can't hide all sexual images from children but we can stop reading their behaviour through a prism of adult motives.

The great myth of me-time

Exhausted mothers’ quest for time out is a symptom of our exacting parenting culture. This half term we need to get the balance back into family life. By Jennie Bristow.

It’s time to take risks with our children

By Jennifer Howze.

Schools vet parents for Christmas festivities

Details will be checked against a database of people banned from working with children for sex offences and for other reasons.

Why supermarkets are off their trolleys

Over-zealous retailers won’t let parents buy booze — or sometimes even cheese — any more. Why is mistrust our default? By Carol Midgley.

Working mums are now seen as suspect

Every sensible adult can see there is something terribly wrong when two working mothers are targeted by ­officialdom for failing to register with Ofsted to complete a criminal record check.

It takes a village to raise a child? Not anymore

Officialdom’s demonisation of two women over their babysitting arrangements is symptomatic of today’s out-of-control child-protection industry.

Intensive parenting

In 21st century Britain parenting has become disassociated from childrearing.

Child Prisoners Of Paranoid Parents

By Colin Brazier.

Wonder Woman or traitor to her sex?

The battle lines are confused in the reaction to the five-day maternity leave of Rachida Dati, the French justice minister.

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