• Frank Furedi
  • Frank Furedi
  • Sociologist, commentator and author
Theme: religion and belief

The seven deadly personality disorders

With lust relabelled ‘sex addiction’ and gluttony turned into an ‘eating disorder’, it’s no wonder Catholics are unsure about the seven deadly sins.

Hiding behind the veil of Sharia law

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s real agenda is to boost the standing of religion itself by cynically piggybacking on the forward movement of Islam.

Golden Compass: the ‘God Wars’ as child’s play

Religious zealots and secular crusaders are cursing Hollywood over its film version of Philip Pullman’s story. Both sides lack a moral compass.

Do they know it’s Christmas?

Forget 'Peace on Earth' - Christmas has become a battleground in the culture war over the status of religion.

Hollow words: ‘Vision’

Is this a mission I see before me?

The curious rise of anti-religious hysteria

It is the Anglo-American cultural elites' insecurity about their own values that encourages their frenzied attacks on religion

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