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  • Frank Furedi
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Parents are undermining teachers’ authority – and it’s causing havoc in schools

Parents telling off teachers for sending their children home from school sends mixed messages about authority.

Tutoring subverts the meritocratic ethos associated with grammar schools in the 1960s

‘Schools need to encourage students out of their comfort zone so they can adapt to university’

Students who regard higher education as a sophisticated version of school are not being prepared properly for a life of independent learning. Schools need to urge them to take risks.

‘Once you start asking pupils about their teachers, the profession will inevitably be undermined’

Surveys of children not only reveal little beyond the obvious, they are also often used as indirect prompts for influencing schoolchildren.

Boys have internalised the stereotype that they’re not supposed to like books or learning

The prevailing cultural script is that boys do not perform as well as girls in exams. As a result, the stereotype has become self-perpetuating.

The ages of distraction

Busy, distracted, inattentive? Everybody has been since at least 1710 and here are the philosophers to prove it.

When kids are getting arrested, our hypersensitivity about ‘threatening’ emojis is absurd

In praise of cultural appropriation

The mixing and meshing of different cultures is something to celebrate.

Why is Europe giving Muslim migrants sex-ed lessons?

These creepy leaflets are testament to a much deeper malaise.

Podcast: Information Overload

Frank joins Richard Aldous to discuss distractions in today’s world. He makes the case that (what we consider to be recent) fears of information overload have a long history and are not, in fact, anything new. He also warns of the dangers of relying too heavily on data and analytics, and not enough on the pursuit of ideas.

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