• Frank Furedi
  • Frank Furedi
  • Sociologist, commentator and author
Articles: education and culture

A perpetual war of identities

Identity politics is divisive, destructive and anti-human. It must be confronted.

Who’s guiding our children?

The great jerk rice debate (what a waste of time!)

The mainstreaming of porn

The pornification of Western society speaks to a serious crisis of values – one that censorship won’t solve.

Universities’ risk aversion is hampering intellectual progress

Treating staff and students like children discourages the kind of experimentation that will yield solutions to the challenges we face.

The cultural appropriation police are turning fried chicken, dreadlocks and prom dresses into a race

As a teenager is vilified for wearing a Chinese dress to her prom, sociologist Frank Furedi warns that this war against cultural appropriation will lead to segregation.

Don’t blame the young for thinking JFK’s assassination sparked WWI - they’ve been tragically failed

Switch off your kids’ phones and let them play outside

The problem isn't ‘smartphone addiction’ – it’s that kids are coddled.

No patrimony

Why adulthood depends on the authority of the past.

The fantasy of the ‘youthquake’

The 2017 youth rebellion is a figment of observers’ imaginations.

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