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  • Frank Furedi
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Articles: moral crusades

Nigel Evans trial: UK prosecutors are playing God

This showtrial gave us disturbing insights into the cult of the victim.

What PIE and the NSPCC have in common

Both believe in saving children from their parents.

Yewtree: more propaganda than police investigation

The failure of a few prosecutions won't stop the crusade.

Why south London’s ‘slave’ house is nothing of the sort

The slavery hysteria whipped up by the media and politicians is a convenient distraction from dealing with real problems of exploitation and low pay.

Making suspicious minds mandatory

Criminalising people who fail to report suspicions of child abuse will poison social relations.

Paedophile hunting and ‘Sweetie’: the case for luring potential criminals?

We need to think harder about how we target perpetrators.

The murder of Bijan Ebrahimi: Demonising child abusers means inevitable violence

Mob justice directed against alleged paedophiles has become a sad fact of life.

Saatchi and Clegg: The moral lynch mob has found a new target

It appears that everyone must express outrage about Saatchi, because that is what decent people do.

The moral lynching of Barbara Hewson

The crusade against the ‘whore’ Hewson after she criticised Operation Yewtree confirms that the paedophile panic rips apart rational debate.

After Savile: policing as entertainment

Operation Yewtree isn’t about solving crime – it’s more like a reality TV format where the police’s aim is to thrill the paedo-fearing public.

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