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  • Frank Furedi
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Kids don’t need pills, they need parenting

The expansion of the diagnosis of ADHD among children is driven not by a hitherto unknown medical condition, but the cultural redefinition of the problems of childhood.

Grandma - A Danger to Your Child’s Health

The transformation of Grandma into a health risk to children in her care is a regular theme promoted by so-called parenting experts and researchers.

Parenting Skills Are A Con

It seems that everyone believes that parenting classes are wonderful idea - except for the parents.

Unruly children: How did ‘discipline’ become a dirty word?

The term now implies an abuse of power. And punishment of children is frequently represented as a violation of human rights.

University students - are they toddlers or young adults?

Walking with mum and dad on campus used to be seen as a marker for social death. Today parents are everywhere. Why must we infantilise academic life?

How ‘child protection’ policies harm children

We all want kids to be safe, but the plan to create a new database of children who visit A&E units will have the opposite effect.

Parental determinism: a most harmful prejudice

David Cameron’s proposed parenting classes are built on the bizarre and destructive idea that parenting determines society’s fortunes.

Parents must be free to chastise and also to smack

Tottenham MP David Lammy should be commended for stating that parents need to have the right to smack their children in order to restrain them from anti-social behaviour.

Instead of drugs, children need a good dose of parenting

As far as the American Academy of Pediatrics is concerned you can never drug children early enough.

Nanny state has no business muscling mums and dads out of the way

Australia's Early Years Learning Framework is based on the assumption that government can never intercede early enough in children's lives to compensate for the incompetence of their parents.

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