• Frank Furedi
  • Frank Furedi
  • Sociologist, commentator and author
Theme: risk and fear

Ik ben misbruikt, niet getraumatiseerd

Wilfred van de Poll in gesprek met Frank Furedi.

The paedophile - sick or criminal?

Last week the Catholic Archbishop of Durban claimed that paedophilia was a psychological ‘illness, not a criminal condition’

So, when is sex appropriate?

The current moral crusade against ‘inappropriate behaviour’ speaks to today's stultifying and prurient political culture.

The 20th anniversary of James Bulger’s death: a tragic episode and its shameful legacy

British society has become so morally distanced from childhood that it has lost the ability to make a moral distinction between it and adulthood.

Using children as a moral shield

Officials and charities that use children to front their moralistic campaigns are trying to shut down criticism and opposition.

Stanley Cohen: a hero of sociology

The death of Cohen, who coined the term ‘moral panic’, deprives us of a great intellectual voice.

How ‘child protection’ policies harm children

We all want kids to be safe, but the plan to create a new database of children who visit A&E units will have the opposite effect.

The vigilantism of the Little Bullingdons

The current ‘paedo hysteria’ is being fanned, not by low-rent tabloid papers, but by politicians, serious journalists and the Twitterati.

Are we all condemned to live in ‘cycles of abuse’?

It is now heresy to question the idea that child abuse damages a person for life. But such a deeply fatalistic idea must be questioned.

The Savile inquiries: giving truth a bad name

The excavation of the past to ‘uncover the truth’ about Savile is really about looking at history through today’s abuse-obsessed goggles.

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