• Frank Furedi
  • Frank Furedi
  • Sociologist, commentator and author
Theme: therapy culture

Band of brothers under attack from the social engineers

The politicisation of the Australian Defence Force Academy Skype scandal means it is no longer about the inexcusable harassment of an individual female cadet but about political reputations and, ultimately, the ethos defining the military's way of life.

Individual difference suffers in the neverending explosion of mental illness

The eccentric loner, the incomprehensible maverick or the shy stranger lacking in social skills have become candidates for the psychiatrist's couch.

Social Inclusion Unit? Leave me out

Far from being a desirable objective, social inclusion is an unusually vapid idea.

The strong rise from the ashes

In the immediate aftermath of the destruction of the World Trade Centre, an army of mental health professionals flooded into New York in search of distressed and traumatised victims.

Dwelling on past injuries only distracts us from present and future possibilities

The project of rewriting history is motivated by the impulse of reconstructing Australia's cultural identity.

Abandon all responsibility ye who are hooked on sex addiction

There was a time when Ryan Giggs's bedroom adventures would have been described as promiscuous. Today, they are likelier to be represented as a marker for a disease.

Dominic Lawson: Smile, the happiness police are watching

The entire nation is being swept up into children’s party mode. The big new idea is that we must all be happy — and let the government know it.

Specialist pleading

One of the most influential contemporary cultural myths is that our era is characterised by the end of deference.

Medical labels are slapped on to rambunctious kids

Why am I not surprised to discover the number of Australian schoolchildren diagnosed with psychological or emotional disorders is increasing at a dramatic rate?

After Jade, whose death will we watch next?

The salacious reports of Jade Goody’s physical demise confirm that death is the new sex: a form of voyeuristic entertainment.

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