• Frank Furedi
  • Frank Furedi
  • Sociologist, commentator and author
Theme: environment

In search of eco-salvation

Many religions are now more likely to preach about saving the planet than saving souls.

Really Bad Ideas: Environmentalism

Stuffy old moral values of prudence, abstinence and delayed gratification are being rehabilitated by today’s green outlook.

Planet Relief: the crusade against open debate

The hysterical reaction to the BBC’s decision to scrap its climate change special exposes green crusaders’ antipathy to discussion and dissent.

Floods: God’s punishment for our eco-sins?

Even secular commentators seem to have welcomed the floods in England as a sign of divine displeasure with man’s arrogant ways.

O Gore, deliver us from evil

Al Gore, whose Live Earth concerts rock the planet this weekend, has styled himself as a superstar prophet bringing salvation to mankind.

Really Bad Ideas: Population control

Alongside today’s respect for human life there is the increasingly popular idea that there is too much human life around, and that it is killing the planet.

Confronting the New Misanthropy

The big question today is not whether humans will survive the twenty-first century, but whether our faith in humanity will survive it

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