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  • Frank Furedi
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Much ado about nothing in Denmark

I have a few hours to kill in Copenhagen before I catch a train to Sweden. Maybe it is the sculptures of emaciated humans outside the conference venue but as I walk around I cannot avoid the feeling that I am in the middle of a medieval passion play.

Turning children into Orwellian eco-spies

Frank Furedi recalls being educated through fear in Stalinist Hungary, and is disturbed that the same tactics are now used by environmentalists.

We don’t need another conspiracy theory

The sceptics poring over those ‘Climategate’ emails are indulging in easy conspiracy-mongering rather than having a tough, grown-up debate.

Elevating environmentalism over ‘less worthy’ lifestyles

The legal ruling that a belief in climate change is similar to a religious conviction seriously damages science, philosophy and democracy.

Energising the debate about climate change

Energise! eschews the misanthropic green ideology of restraint and explains how human action can solve a human-made problem.

Eco-priests, repent of your green folly

Just when you think that sin has gone out of fashion, you discover it has made an unexpected comeback.

The greening of capitalism

A striking new essay exposes the pretensions of ethical consumers and explores the emergence of a seemingly green economy. But in claiming that canny capitalists have ‘manufactured scarcity’, it risks reading history backwards.

Really Bad Ideas: the tyranny of science

Scientific evidence is being repackaged as ‘The Science’: a superstitious dogma used to hector us on everything from sex to saving the planet.

From Finland to west London: a culture of death?

The Finnish school shooter and Britain’s ‘Lyrical Terrorist’ seem worlds apart. Yet both are products of the globalisation of misanthropy.

Finnish school shooting: self-loathing goes global

In declaring ‘war against humanity’, might 18-year-old Pekka-Eric Auvinen have been doing his bit to save the planet?

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