• Frank Furedi
  • Frank Furedi
  • Sociologist, commentator and author
Theme: society and civility

Why London’s burning

The riots that erupted in Tottenham, north London, and then spread to other parts of this metropolis before erupting in other English cities are the consequence of a unique form of community disintegration.

Where gay matrimony meets elite sanctimony

Gay marriage has emerged as one of the most controversial and divisive issues of our time.

Hating Tesco: a passion of both the PC and the BNP

Trendy leftists and far-right activists disagree on many things, but they have one conviction in common: supermarkets are evil.

The culture war behind the Will’n’Kate debate

The wedding has exposed big fault lines within the British elite, with defensive monarchists on one side and snobbish cynics on the other.

A nation too timid to fly the flag

Next week's royal wedding provides valuable insights into how far civic pride has been undermined by the culture wars.

It’s time to stand up for courage and conviction

Machiavelli and other humanists would have been appalled by today’s bureaucratisation of everyday life that threatens vital public virtues.

Have today’s young people been dealt a bad hand by the older generation?

Shiv Malik, one of the authors of Jilted Generation: How Britain has Bankrupted Its Youth, and sociologist Professor Frank Furedi debate the battle of the generations.

This week on The Forum

Clinical psychologist Dorothy Rowe explores our intimacy and rivalry with our brothers and sisters, American economist Marshall Goldman shows us how powerful Russia has become and sociologist Frank Furedi claims we could be trapped by our own dire predictions.

Podcast: Saving the Enlightenment

From the Sydney Opera House: a 54-minute podcast in the Radio Australia Big Ideas series.

From Finland to west London: a culture of death?

The Finnish school shooter and Britain’s ‘Lyrical Terrorist’ seem worlds apart. Yet both are products of the globalisation of misanthropy.

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