• Frank Furedi
  • Frank Furedi
  • Sociologist, commentator and author
Theme: society and civility

Let’s do away with demonology on both sides of the gay marriage question

Concepts such as bigoted homophobia or the rhetoric of spiritual corruption serve highly moralised narratives aimed at shutting down discussion rather than encouraging it.

Gay marriage: redrawing the American political map

In officially endorsing same-sex marriage, Obama is signalling that the Democratic Party now has little interest in its old blue-collar supporters.

The divided state of America

Charles Murray’s new book is a valiant effort to explain why America's upper classes are now so hollow and defensive, and incapable of marshalling the moral resources to lead society.

Toulouse murders open front in culture war

Far too many people appear to regard the Toulouse tragedy as an opportunity to attack their opponent in the culture war enveloping Europe.

Review: Together: The Rituals, Pleasures and Politics of Cooperation

Informal links keep society strong but, Frank Furedi finds, we don't make them like we used to.

Do good, but do it our way

Volunteering has been turned into an institution that is promoted on the grounds of its benefits for the volunteer and for the community, and its meaning has been thoroughly transformed.

Changing societal attitudes, and regulatory responses, to risk-taking in adult care

A scoping paper by Frank Furedi, commissioned by JRF for a potential new programme on 'Rights, responsibilities, risk and regulation'.

Cameron’s cure will make society sicker

The PM's post-riots promise of more intervention into troubled families is mad – it is precisely such intervention that devastated parental authority.

Politicians are like children: they just don’t know when to stop

Cameron's call to turn around 120,000 troubled families represents an excellent example of what can most accurately be described as a fantasy policy.

Rioting in England: was it just a bad dream?

The elite’s claim that this was just another facet of the ‘culture of greed’ shows how incapable they are of addressing urban implosion.

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