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  • Frank Furedi
  • Sociologist, commentator and author
Theme: parenting

The real danger to our children

Sometimes the most well-intentioned initiatives to protect children end up with unexpectedly disorienting consequences for everyone concerned.

Common sense, not research, nurtures our kids

Most parenting research is not only unnecessary, but also serves to confuse the life of mothers and fathers.

‘Western parents need to chill out about their kids’

The author of Paranoid Parenting says that far from needing a stricter ‘Asian’ approach, Western parenting is already way too intensive.

The parental spending craze

By Vanessa Barford.

Good, bad or none of our business

Nanny state intrusion is creating a generation of guilty, paranoid parents. An essay by Frank Furedi in The Weekend Australian.

Nick Clegg takes ‘parental determinism’ to a new low

It is mad to claim, as the deputy PM does, that poor parenting is more important than poverty in screwing up children’s life chances.

A showtrial of children for being naughty

The conviction of two boys for attempted rape is not only a travesty of justice – it also exposes society’s screwed-up attitude towards childhood.

There’s always a loser in a custody battle – it’s the child

Custody battles are always very messy. Matters are further complicated when – as in the case of Guillaume Ritchie – the parents are of different nationalities and come from different cultures.

Let children be children

We can't hide all sexual images from children but we can stop reading their behaviour through a prism of adult motives.

The great myth of me-time

Exhausted mothers’ quest for time out is a symptom of our exacting parenting culture. This half term we need to get the balance back into family life. By Jennie Bristow.

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