Frank Furedi

Professor of Sociology at University of Kent, and author of Politics of Fear, Where Have All the Intellectuals Gone?, Therapy Culture, Paranoid Parenting and Culture of Fear.

A selection of articles by Frank Furedi: 2006

Do they know it’s Christmas?
Spiked, 14 December 2006
Forget 'Peace on Earth' - Christmas has become a battleground in the culture war over the status of religion.

Who can pass the spelling test?
Commission for Racial Equality, November 2006
In retrospect it is evident that the debate about race relations and immigration was less about ‘them’ than about ‘us’.

Adults behaving badly
spiked, 9 November 2006
The real problem today is not that 'yoofs' are running riot, but that grown-ups lack the confidence to engage with them.

Why we're all too chilled to have sex
The First Post, 2 November 2006
A new survey reveals that sex is everywhere except the bedroom.

Generosity is good for you
The First Post, 28 October 2006
Helpful people are more popular and powerful than their selfish peers.

America mourns new gun rampage
The First Post, 3 October 2006
School shootings deliberately targets communities' security.

Hungary: a 'hooligan revolution'?
spiked, 25 September 2006
Why EU bureaucrats have been so snobbish and hostile towards the demonstrators in Budapest.

A Roman Circus for faux celebrity
Sunday Telegraph, 24 September 2006
The casual manner with which elected public figures defer to unelected celebrities indicates that they possess a feeble sense of their own authority.

Save us from the politics of behaviour
spiked, 11 September 2006
From spotting ‘problem people’ before they are born to advising dads on how to talk to their sons: government agencies are colonising our private lives.

Maybe self-loving does make you blind
spiked, 4 August 2006
Today's narcissistic celebration of masturbation stems from a deep disdain for risk, passion and human relations.

Grumbling won't change a thing
Times Higher Education Supplement, 28 July 2006
For too long academics have let others decide their fate - except over pay.

We need teachers, not amateur therapists
spiked, 11 July 2006
Schools have no business teaching children how to be ‘happy’.

Meet the Malthusians manipulating the fear of terror
spiked, 27 June 2006
From climate change doom-mongers to population alarmists, every kind of fear entrepreneur is piggy-backing on the ‘war on terrorism’.

Excitement no money can buy
Times Higher Education Supplement, 16 June 2006
If we spark students' idealism and curiosity, they may begin to see us as more than paid servants.

It's time that we all 'interfered' more
Daily Telegraph, 4 June 2006
We need to take more responsbility for our communities.

Why the politics of happiness makes me mad
spiked, 23 May 2006
If you’re unhappy with state-sponsored happiness programmes, clap your hands.

Politicians, economists, teachers... why are they so desperate to make us happy?
Sunday Telegraph, 7 May 2006
What the happiness lobbyists are actually saying is that we should be content with what's on offer.

Buck the trend, dare to be nasty
Times Higher Education Supplement, 5 May 2006
A buyers' market is causing universities to be soft on students, but it's time to rebel.

Courtroom therapy makes a mockery of justice
spiked, 24 April 2006
UK courts will soon give the family of murder victims their say in court - that is bad news for all concerned.

Confronting the New Misanthropy
spiked, 18 April 2006
The big question today is not whether humans will survive the twenty-first century, but whether our faith in humanity will survive it.

Hollow words: 'Vision'
The First Post, 5 April 2006
Is this a mission I see before me?

De Redeloze Tijd
(this article is in pdf format, in Dutch)

Hollow words: 'Damaged'
The First Post, 30 March 2006
We're all defective now.

What's wrong with cheats
Guardian, 28 March 2006
The cooption of parents as unpaid teachers is at the root of Britain's plagiarism epidemic.

Humanist with a stir in many camps
The Australian, 25 March 2006
Interview with Frank Furedi by Deborah Hope.

Hollow words: 'Transparent'
The First Post, 23 March 2006
Politicians make light of dark dealings.

Hollow words: 'Holistic'
The First Post, 16 March 2006
Meaning disappears into a holistic hole.

Hollow words: 'Role model'
The First Post, 9 March 2006
Inspiring, motivating, buck-passing.

Who's doing the homework?
Daily Telegraph, 8 February 2006
Parents can create more problems than they solve by helping children too much.

In pursuit of the happy bunnies
Times Higher Education Supplement, 27 January 2006
Massaged, meaningless student satisfaction surveys are the end product of a malign audit culture.

The Holocaust should not be for sale
Daily Telegraph, 26 January 2006
Holocaust Memorial Day will only further debase the suffering and the memories of those who survived the Nazis.

Living in fear, lost for words
The Age, 26 January 2006
Why do we fear freedom? The first casualty of the politics of fear is open debate.

The curious rise of anti-religious hysteria
spiked, 23 January 2006
It is the Anglo-American cultural elites' insecurity about their own values that encourages their frenzied attacks on religion.

Debased by this soulless culture
Daily Express, 10 January 2006
Contemporary culture loves to represent human beings as destructive and a threat to the planet.

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