Frank Furedi

Professor of Sociology at University of Kent, and author of Politics of Fear, Where Have All the Intellectuals Gone?, Therapy Culture, Paranoid Parenting and Culture of Fear.

A selection of articles by Frank Furedi: 2005

The Age of Unreason
The Spectator, 18 November 2005
Celebrities, healers and new age gurus transmit the message that normal human beings cannot do it on their own.

On the hunt for a conspiracy theory
Christian Science Monitor, 18 November 2005
Often we are less interested in what politicians say or do than in attempting to decipher the hidden agenda that motivates their behavior.

French lessons for us all
spiked, 8 November 2005
The riots reveal the political exhaustion of Europe.

Welcome to this New Age of Deference
The Times, 25 October 2005
The collapse of respect for authority hasn’t freed us -it’s just made us slaves to a new set of masters

Give them a little textual pleasure
Times Higher Education Supplement, 21 October 2005
Forget course guides and handouts, students need to embrace the book.

Why do we fear freedom?
spiked, 18 October 2005
The first casualty of the politics of fear is open debate.

Bird flu prophets of doom spread nothing but needless alarm
Daily Express, 18 October 2005
Health officials seem to be motivated by being seen to do something rather than producing sensible health policies.

Forget SARS, West Nile, Ebola and avian flu. The real epidemic is fear.
Macleans (Canada), 29 September 2005
We keep bracing ourselves for one cataclysmic threat after another. Our perceived lack of safety has become an obsessionagenda

The market in fear
spiked, 26 September 2005
Politics has become a contest between different brands of doom-mongering.

Be afraid, be very afraid... no, don't
Times Higher Education Supplement, 16 September 2005
Academics are helping to spread scare stories in their bid to exert influence and gain funds from states with fear-based agenda

Politics of Fear
spiked, 15 September 2005
Frank Furedi talks to Jennie Bristow about his new book.

Dissent? Not today, thank you
Times Higher Education Supplement, 9 September 2005
Freedom of speech is no longer a fashionable cause. It is suffering from a bad case of academic indifference

The rise of the Rising Sun
BBC History, September 2005
The defeat of Russia by Japan 100 years ago this month had long lasting implications for race relations [pdf format]

The blame game
BBC News, 6 September 2005
Who is responsible for natural disasters? God, nature, governments... These days, we are more likely to pin the blame on people in power. But that can leave victims even more traumatised.

When fear leaves us paralysed
Observer, 4 September 2005
After Hurricane Katrina: apocalyptic visions keep us in a permanent state of anxiety. But we are not as powerless as we think

The sum of our fears
Sydney Morning Herald, 6 August 2005
An interview with Frank Furedi by Michael Duffy

Fear? We're revelling in it
Times, 30 July 2005
In the face of terror, altruism, black humour and sex are the therapies that will see us through

I don't want to meet the parents
Times Higher Education Supplement, 29 July 2005
The growing infantilisation of campus life is not doing students or lecturers any favours

Behind the Executive smoke screen
Sunday Herald, 3 July 2005
The imposition of a smoking ban sums up the hypocrisy of our nannying state.

A degree is now a rite of passage
THES, 17 June 2005
University qualifications have become the minimum requirement for getting a job. Welcome to the credentialist academy.

From Europe to America: the populist moment has arrived
Spiked, 13 June 2005
On both sides of the Atlantic, the political class has become convinced that the people do not know what is best for them.

'To say or imply that the public is too stupid to grasp the high-minded and sophisticated ideals of the advocates of the EU is to express a profound sense of contempt towards ordinary people'
New Statesman, 13 June 2005
Europe's political classes, particularly on the left, are bending over backwards to claim that no doesn't really mean no. This is an insult to democracy.

The reawakening of European democracy
Spiked, 31 May 2005
The French people's rejection of the EU Constitution represents a positive political event.

For accreditation, see indoctrination
THES, 6 May 2005
Courses in teaching have little to do with producing better lecturers and much to do with learning to conform.

None of them knows what we're thinking
spiked, 4 May 2005
The political class is running on empty.

I refuse to hand it to students on a plate
THES, 25 March 2005
Lectures must be a good starting point for inquiry, not an easy ride.

Our unhealthy obsession with sickness
spiked, 23 March 2005
Why is being ill now embraced as a positive part of the human experience?

The new Chief Inquisitor on campus
spiked, 16 February 2005
From ethics committees to ‘learning outcomes’, the threat to academic freedom comes from within the university as much as from without.

You'd better make some noise while you can
THES, 11 February 2005
It's time to take risks in the name of academic freedom.

Citizens can't be made in class
Daily Telegraph, 3 February 2005
Citizenship is 'the worst taught secondary-level subject' and pupils have little idea what it is about. However, it is the curriculum, not teachers, that is to blame.

Symbol clash
the Parliament magazine, 31 January 2005
The swastika: intolerance is not a way to engage with a symbol of hatred. [pdf format]

A blast for the past
Daily Telegraph, 15 January 2005
History is vital as well as enjoyable so we should focus on teaching it properly.

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