Frank Furedi

Professor of Sociology at University of Kent, and author of Politics of Fear, Where Have All the Intellectuals Gone?, Therapy Culture, Paranoid Parenting and Culture of Fear.

A selection of articles by Frank Furedi: 2004

Our goodwill counts for nothing on the list
Times Higher Education Supplement, 17 December 2004
A good old-fashioned favour means little in credit-scoring times.

Downsizing the status of science
The Scientist, 8 November 2004
Intellectual life is given short shrift in the age of competing rationalities.

The politics of fear
spiked, 28 October 2004
President Bush isn’t the only one who plays the scare card.

Reflections on the medicalisation of social experience
British Journal of Guidance and Counselling, August 2004
Therapy Culture is not an attack on the technique of therapy but on a culture that emphasises vulnerability over the ability to cope.

Plagiarism stems from a loss of scholarly ideals
Times Higher Education Supplement, 6 August 2004
Cheating is hogging the headlines but, in the market-led university, there is a disturbing trend towards normalising bad practice.

The Sixties myth
Spiked, 3 August 2004
Tony Blair is the latest in a long line to scapegoat the 1960s for the Western elites' own problems.

Why I fear lowering entry criteria for foreign students could destroy universities
Times Higher Education Supplement, 16 July 2004
When students become customers and universities are transformed into businesses, few of the traditions associated with the ideals of academia remain untouched.

Punishing parents
Spiked, 7 July 2004
The campaign against smacking is based on the poisonous notion that children need to be saved from their parents.

The degree is losing its meaning
Telegraph, 9 June 2004
Universities desperate for students have caused rampant grade inflation. It has to stop.

Call yourself cosmopolitan?
Times Higher Education Supplement, 28 May 2004
Embracing global opportunity is about more than cashing in on overseas students.

Heroes of the hour
New Scientist, 8 May 2004
The resilience of communities in emergency situations can be vital in limiting the
damage and saving lives. So why are governments ignoring it? (pdf format)

'They expect me to make life easier'
Times Higher Education Supplement, 30 April 2004
The widening access agenda panders to the idea that students are customers and undermines the whole point of higher education.

The politics of the lonely crowd
Spiked, 9 March 2004
Protest movements get personal.

Don't underestimate managers' ability to treat you as an idiot
Times Higher Education Supplement, 30 January 2004
A Savage's-eye view of staff development.

Sever the ties that bind young minds
Times Higher Education Supplement, 16 January 2004
Students who live with mum and dad remain adolescents and never reach their intellectual potential.

Diana syndrome - we get the conspiracies we deserve
Independent, 11 January 2004
There was a time when only eccentrics were interested in conspiracy theories. However, in recent times conspiracy has gone mainstream.

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