• Frank Furedi
  • Frank Furedi
  • Sociologist, commentator and author

Germany must confront Muslim anti-Semitism

Jews are being told not to wear their skullcaps in public – that is dreadful advice.

Why opinion polls keep getting it wrong

The more we demonise certain opinions, the less likely people are to express them.

Manufacturing anxiety

How the mental-health panic is messing up the next generation.

The right to criticise George Soros

This arrogant and destructive oligarch must be held to account.

Thierry Baudet: not your typical populist

His insurgent Dutch party cannot be so easily dismissed by the elite.

Don’t turn the Christchurch killer into Voldemort

Refusing to say his name might just give him more power.

A perpetual war of identities

Identity politics is divisive, destructive and anti-human. It must be confronted.

Why identity politics has been so bad for Jews

Anti-Semitism is now fuelled by an identitarian view of Jews as hyper-white and privileged.

Competitive self-harm

Why teens are trying to outdo each other in the self-cutting stakes.

The crusade against masculinity

Courage, stoicism and autonomy are things we should all strive for.

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