• Frank Furedi
  • Frank Furedi
  • Sociologist, commentator and author

The gender-neutral attack on motherhood

There is a biological basis to bearing children that no amount of trans activism can erase.

Scaring children witless

Eco-alarmists are feeding kids a daily diet of fear and doom.

John Locke and the new intolerance

The discovery of a new Locke manuscript reminds us why tolerance must be defended.

The real lesson of the invasion of Poland

The Nazis’ contempt for national sovereignty is shared by the pro-EU crowd today.

The turn against motherhood

Why it has become fashionable not to have children.

Is disability the new normal?

On some elite US campuses, as many as one in four students are classified as ‘disabled’.

A global culture war

Western liberals seem incapable of defending liberalism.

Mark Field did nothing wrong

Any protester knows you cannot disrupt an event without consequences.

Now school students are being triggered by exam questions

The treatment of students as mental-health patients is having a destructive impact.

Why I welcome these shocks to the political system

Politics in the UK is changing beyond recognition, and about time too.

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